Corporate Philosophy

 Caption of the Company:

Accomplishment of goal putforth by our customers

Our company has the only motive of producing quality products as per the norms set by our Customers and keep the wheel moving and thus providing a peaceful environment inside and outside our Company.

Quality –Our Priority:

Hukumchand Jute Mills is well equipped with Quality Control Department. The SQC or Statistical Quality Control Department is facilitated by the presence of qualified personnel, modern equipment for testing the physical and chemical properties of jute yarn and fabric and a computerised reporting system. We are member of The Indian Jute Industries Research Association (IJIRA) and our Chief Executive (Works), Mr. S.K.Chandra is the council member of IJIRA. We take every advantage of its quality testing system. We also utilise their consultancy services in case of any necessity. The quality control personnel in the Mill have a good rapport with IJIRA, and we gain a lot from this. We benefit ourselves through participation in the conferences organised by the IJIRA from time to time where the results of various Research & Developments are presented. The knowledge acquired in this regard is utilised in the developmental activities of the Group to improve quality and economise operation

Corporate Mission:

The Mission of the Company is to provide employment to a large number of unemployed youth and develop the economy of the locality

Corporate Vision:

To increase the use of jute among the people as the jute is bio- degradable product through making different types of products.Like Packing filled, garments, bags and other fancy products, jute Geo-Textiles.This type of products can be used in order to protect the degradation of soils.

Corporate Objectives:

To educate the workmen so that the mills can run viably. To modernize and diversify the jute products. Recently there emerge some artificial fibres like Nylon, Rayon, Plastics etc., hence there is always a threat to the Jute Indusrties. From these artificial fibres, but still the jute is playing like Jidane as it is the only bio-degradable, eco-friendly fibre.

Corporate Responsibilities:

The company also engages itself in much corporate social responsibilities such as we have school for educating the children of the employees and make them literate so that they can help not only their parents but also the society at large.Conducts Durga Puja and invite the society to participate in that puja and annual functions etc. Long before environmental activism became a cause for espousal Hukumchand Jute Mills took up the task of installing a systematic programme for pollution control and aforestation towards the larger interest of the society. We have taken consent from West Bengal Pollution Control Board to operate under section 25 & 26 of Water (Prevention Control of Pollution) Act, 1974. and Section 21 of the Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981.Inspite of that more than ten thousand of trees have already been planted at various places of land inside the mills to curb down air pollution. The Company believe that a clean and a green environment is one of the prerequisites for ensuring that the employees of the company are able to impart their best efforts at maximizing contribution. Thus the Management strictly follows the Pollution Control measures, as laid down by the Government. Hukumchand Jute Mills’ Dispensary also serves the outsiders and provides First aid too. Mills Drinking Water Tap is also provided outside our Mill boundary Wall for the local people. Moreover, we have also provided Water Supply to our Municipality also. Everyone knows that Jute is a well-known and ancient product in the field of fibre.

Human Resource Development:

We believe that apart from money and machines, men are most important resource of our Industry. To keep our wheel moving, it is very much necessary to take care of our human resource. Presence of a well organised Labour Welfare Department for all the units characterise Hukumchand Jute Mills. The department takes care of health, fooding, rest, recreation and other welfare measures for the workers. Provisions for their residential quarters are made at the mill and are provided with all basic amenities. The Labour Welfare Department also takes care of the new learners i.e. by imparting training and the merit counts very high for promotion in their service. We provide training to our workers organised by JMDC under Mini Mission –IV where faculties and resource persons from Institute of Jute Technology comes to our Mills to train them. We impart both on-the-job and off-the-job training to our Workers.